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Advance Payment Notification

Payees can choose to receive an Advance Payment Notification (APN) email from the state when:

  • A direct deposit payment has processed and been sent to their financial institution
  • A warrant has been issued and is available for distribution.

Note: All payees including state employees should verify the availability of funds with their financial institution before expending funds.

To opt-in for APN, payees:

After receiving an APN, they can go to Search State Payments Issued to securely access their payment details online.

Payees manage their own APN options to:

  • Be notified when a warrant is issued in addition to the advance notice of direct deposit payments. The default is notification for all payment types, but they can specify only warrant or direct deposit payment notification.
  • Choose the mail codes they want included in the notifications.
  • Suspend email notification when they will be out of the office. Payees need to remember to change this setting to restart email notifications.

Note: An APN video tutorial youtube is available.

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