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Online Data Entry Screens
Master/Mail Code Setup Direction Message Keys

Note: The function keys available are different for each online entry screen.

TINS direction message function keys for master and mail code setup online entry include:

Key Function

Displays the message NAT9995 Natural Session Terminated Normally

Note: All data entered on the screen and continuation screens will be lost.

PF7=MASTER Navigates back to PMSTUP – Step 2 to display the master information entered where changes may be made.
PF8=MAILCODE Displays the mail code on PMSTUP – Step 2. Press PF8 again to return to PMCTUP.

Navigates to PMSTUP – Step 1

Note: All data entered in PMSTUP-Step 1, PMSTUP-Step 2 and PMCTUP will be lost.

PF10=XTRAN is pressed

Displays the message Extraneous Data Has Not Been Marked on Last Populated Address Line

PF10 is not functional on PMCTUP for mail code setups