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TexPayment Resource

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Introduction to General Provisions
Role of State Agencies

Each state agency is responsible for:

  • Obtaining the required information from its payees before setting them up in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS) or making changes to payee information
  • Providing agency contact information to its payees
  • Assisting its payees in completing the required and applicable Payment Services Forms or internal agency forms
  • Submitting complete and accurate payee information in TINS
  • Performing the proper due diligence research for their payees’ identification numbers, ownership types and other payee information required by TINS
  • Maintaining the necessary documentation for audit purposes
  • Distributing state warrants to its payees
  • Responding to and researching its payees’ requests for payment status and payment remittance information, whether the payment is by warrant or direct deposit
  • Maintaining confidential information in the strictest confidence and abide by the Confidential Treatment of Information Acknowledgment (CTIA) form (70-223) required of all agency users of the Comptroller statewide financial systems
  • Complying with applicable federal and state laws, including warrant hold requirements

For questions regarding TINS processes, error messages, reports and forms, email or contact the Payment Services Help Line at 512-936-8138. For questions regarding the agency’s payment transactions submitted to the statewide accounting systems, such as document tracking, error messages, error corrections, etc., contact the appropriate statewide systems’ contacts: