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Setting Up, Changing or Canceling Direct Deposit

Note: Always review the Direct Deposit Checklist before setting up direct deposit, making any changes or canceling the instructions.

A payee must first be set up in TINS with a payee master and mail code before direct deposit information can be entered.

TINS Submission Method Direct Deposit Submission Rule
Online Direct deposit instructions may be entered the same day after the payee master and mail code setups are processed to begin the Direct Deposit Prenote Period
EFT Direct deposit instructions must be submitted at least one business day after the payee master and mail code setups are processed to begin the Direct Deposit Prenote Period

The agency that successfully sets up direct deposit instructions on a specific mail code becomes the custodial agency for the direct deposit information associated with that mail code. Changes and cancellations to that direct deposit record can only be processed by the custodial agency. Different mail codes for the same payee may have different custodial agencies.

If the direct deposit instructions become suspended or canceled, a warrant will be issued with that mail code’s delivery address. A custodial agency whose direct deposit mail code is secured by a different agency cannot view that mail code’s address if the security level is a 2.

Note: If the payee no longer receives payments from the custodial agency but still receives state direct deposit payments, request an Interagency Transfer of custodial agency by submitting a Direct Deposit Authorization form (74-176) (login required) PDF to Payment Services. A change of custodial agency does not interrupt direct deposit payments.

Use Direct Deposit Reports to verify processing of your direct deposit setups, changes and cancellations. The reports show direct deposit transactions processed via online and batch and transactions submitted via batch that do not process successfully.

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