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Direct Deposit Processing
Direct Deposit Forms

The Comptroller’s office provides a direct deposit authorization form for optional agency use. Agencies may elect to use the Comptroller’s form or create their own form or electronic authorization method such as a self-service portal.

Instructions for Comptroller’s Direct Deposit Authorization Form

An agency that chooses to use the Comptroller’s form must download the most current version of the Direct Deposit Authorization form (74-176) (login required) PDF and:

  • Select your agency from the drop-down list to auto-populate your agency’s return address on the form
  • Select Yes or No on the second dialogue box to indicate whether the payee is a state employee
  • Provide the form to the payee

The payee must complete the form and return it to the Paying Agency to:

  • Set up direct deposit
  • Make changes to direct deposit
  • Cancel direct deposit

Approval Required for Alternative Methods

Agencies may prefer to create their own direct deposit authorization form or electronic authorization method, which may include online applications as well as custom forms. The alternative form or method must:

  • Include without alteration the language used in these sections of the Comptroller’s form:
    • International Payments Verification (Section 5)
    • Authorization for Setup, Changes or Cancellation (Section 6)
  • Match any updates made to the Comptroller’s form

Alternative methods must be submitted for approval to Payment Services before being implemented to ensure compliance with NACHA rules.

  • Submit screen prints from an online application
  • Email or fax the documentation with the subject Direct Deposit Authorization

Authorization Form Retention

The custodial agency is required to retain the original or a scanned copy of the most current direct deposit authorization form for each payee, as well as the ACH (Direct Deposit) Payment Destination Confirmation form (74-227) (login required) PDF (if completed).

In accordance with NACHA rules, form retention is two years from the termination or revocation of the authorization.

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