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Direct Deposit Processing
Notifications of Change

Notifications of Change (NOCs) are automated electronic messages that financial institutions send through the ACH system to notify the Comptroller’s office of issues with the payee’s financial account information.

NOCs can be a

  • Money Item (a transmitted payment to a previously valid account)


  • Non-Money Item (response to a zero-dollar prenote transaction)

Please see NOC Reason Codes.

Daily Direct Deposit Report Review

The messages received from financial institutions for changes and deletions of direct deposit instructions are listed on daily reports:

Custodial agencies need to monitor these reports for updates to direct deposit instructions. Automated NOCs become effective immediately and do not go through the three banking days prenote period.

The reports contain the following information:

  • The Previous Info detail row displays the direct deposit information in TINS before the update if the transactions were from the automated NOC process or made online by Payment Services using the input source NOC.
  • The New Info detail row displays the direct deposit information in TINS after an update. New information is flagged with an asterisk on the specific field or fields updated.
  • Changes and cancellations as well as the NOC reason code and the code description display under the NOC Change and Cancellation headings.
  • The account type is identified as either Checking or Savings.
  • The NOC RSN (Reason) Code and Description identifies the reason the instructions were changed by the automated process or online by Comptroller staff using the input source NOC.

Custodial agencies should also monitor monthly reports on their payees:

For more information, see TINS Reports.

Note: NACHA rules do not require financial institutions to verify the name on a prenote to the name(s) on the account. If the payee is set up with the wrong account number and the account is a valid account, the prenote process will not identify the error and payments will be direct deposited to the wrong individual or entity.