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Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error
Returned Money Items

Returned money items are direct deposit payments that are rejected by the payee’s receiving depository financial institution (RDFI). If the RDFI is unable to post the payment due to a closed account, incorrect account information or another reason, the RDFI is required to return the funds within two business days from the settlement date of the payment. These payments are returned to the Comptroller’s office through the automated clearing house (ACH) network.

The paying agency is credited with the funds the business day after the returned money item is received; funds are deposited into the agency’s default funds as follows:

  • Fund 9014 for payroll payments.
  • Fund 0980 for bills, travel and annuity payments. To request a change from this default fund, see Successful Reversals.

The paying agency may download a report the day after a returned money item is received. The report includes the payee and payment information and the reason for the return. See Reversal/Reclamation Reports for more information.

Direct deposit payments rejected by a payee’s RDFI can be searched on the Direct Deposits – Reversals and Reclamations (DDEP) web application. See Payment Search for more information and step-by-step instructions.