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Packaged Travel Arrangements

If a state agency or employee purchases a package of at least two travel arrangements (i.e., meals, lodging, transportation, incidental expenses, registration fees), each type is reimbursable only to the extent it would have been reimbursable had it not been included in the package. The travel voucher form must separately state the cost of each type of travel arrangement.


Joe, a state employee planning a business trip to Amarillo, finds a great price for a packaged trip online. The package includes airfare for $200, rental car for $30 per day and lodging for $90 per day. If Joe were to book the airfare separately, it would cost $400. Reimbursement of each cost is limited to what would have been reimbursable if it had not been included in the package. For example, the applicable lodging rate is only $85, so the additional $5 spent on lodging is not reimbursable. When Joe submits his travel voucher for reimbursement, he will need to include documentation that states separately each type of travel cost combined in the package.