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Texas Payroll/Personnel Resource

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Agency-Specific Provisions
Compensatory Per Diem


A board member may be eligible to receive compensatory per diem payments for service as a member of the board.

Determining Eligibility

Each state agency with a board must determine:

  • Which members are eligible.
  • The applicable per diem amount.
  • The reimbursable number of days.

Unless otherwise stated in the enacting legislation of the state board, commission, etc., the per diem amount is set by the General Appropriations Act — currently set at $30 per day of service on the board.

Who may not receive the per diem

A member of the Legislature who serves on a board by virtue of the member’s office as a legislator may not receive a per diem payment.

A full-time employee (paid with appropriated funds) may not receive both a salary and compensatory per diem for concurrent service as a state employee and a board or commission member.

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Additional Resources

To learn more about entering this special pay, see Chapter 10 “Special Pays” of the USPS Process Guide. For instruction about authorizing the entitlement and paying Compensatory Per Diem, see the SPRS User Guide.

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State board
A board, commission, committee, council or similar agency in the executive or judicial branch of state government composed of at least two members. It does not include a board, commission, committee, council or similar agency whose membership is elected by vote of the people.


Texas Government Code Annotated, Sections 659.031 – 033; General Appropriations Act (GAA), Article IX, Section 5.09.