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Releasing Held Warrants
Warrant Hold Release Reason Codes

Warrant hold release reason codes are listed on the Payee Held Warrants Released (PYWTHR) screen. The disposition of the held warrant could be:

  • Canceled
  • Released to the paying agency for distribution to the payee


  • Offset against the state debt

When a hold source agency or the paying agency authorizes the Comptroller’s office to release a held warrant, the release reason code is required on the Warrant Release or Reinstatement Request (00-432) form (login required) PDF.

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Code Release Description
001 Account clear for non-tax hold
002* Cancellation of held warrant for non-tax hold
003* Power of attorney for non-tax hold
006 Money/report received for non-tax hold
007 Pay agreement for non-tax hold
008 Per legal for non-tax hold
009 Redetermination hearing for non-tax hold
010 Bankruptcy for non-tax hold
011* Non-tax offset
012 Per Fiscal Management Division for non-tax hold
016 Release by hold source agency
017 Per hold source agency for non-tax hold
018 Per executive administration for non-tax hold
020* Offset release to Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for child support hold
021 Release by OAG
022 Economic hardship for specific agencies for non-tax hold
023 Kidney Health Program for non-tax hold
024 Disaster relief for non-tax hold
030 Federal funds for non-tax hold
035 Adoption assistance for non-tax hold
900* Reinstatement of a held warrant
901 Account clear for tax hold
902* Cancellation of held warrant for tax hold
903* Power of attorney for tax hold
906 Money/report received for tax hold
907 Pay agreement for tax hold
908 Per Legal for tax hold
909 Redetermination hearing for tax hold
910 Bankruptcy for tax hold
911* Tax offset
913 Per Revenue Accounting for tax hold
914 Per Account Maintenance for tax hold
916 Per hold source agency for tax hold
918 Per Enforcement for tax hold
922 Economic hardship for tax hold
923 Kidney program for tax hold
925 Disaster relief for tax hold
927 Per tax audit for tax hold
930 Federal funds for tax hold

*Note: Reason code indicates that the held warrant was not released to the paying agency for distribution to the payee.