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Releasing Held Warrants
Release by Hold Source Agency

Hold source agencies may choose to release held warrants based on their internal policies and practices. Agencies can request the release of one or more warrants without releasing the debtor from hold. Submit the Warrant Release of Reinstatement Request form (00-432) (login required) PDF and cite the appropriate Warrant Hold Release Reason Code.

When the warrant is released, it will be forwarded to the paying agency for distribution to the payee.

In most cases, the debtor will remain on hold in TINS until the debt is satisfied. A hold source agency may release a debtor from hold if the debtor enters into an installment payment agreement and begins making payments. However, the hold source agency must re-establish the hold record in TINS using the original hold effective date if the debtor does not comply with the agreement.

When the debtor has paid in full, the hold source agency will release the hold in TINS, which results in the release of any held warrants if no other hold source agency has an active hold.

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