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Hold Inquiry Screens

Once a hold record is set up in TINS, four payee inquiry screens that deal specifically with holds are available for research. You may not have security access for every screen.

Payee Hold Information (PYHOLD)

The PYHOLD screen displays the reason a debtor is on hold and the Hold Source agency.

Payee Warrants on Hold (PYWTHD)

The PYWTHD screen displays your agency’s warrants currently being held by the Comptroller’s office for a payee.

Note: The lowest Hold Source agency and hold reason do not change, even when that hold reason has been released and the warrant remains on hold due to other hold reasons.

Payee Held Warrants Released (PYWTHR)

The PYWTHR screen displays your agency’s warrants to a payee that have been released or offset.

The REL RSN field indicates the Warrant Hold Release Reason Code. This field shows if the warrant was:

Payee Warrants on Hold and Released (PYWTHB)

The PYWTHB screen displays the warrants on hold on top (displayed on PYWTHD), followed by the payee’s warrants that have been released or offset (displayed on PYWTHR).


Other TINS Screens

General inquiry screens in TINS may also be helpful for research. For instance, the Payee Payment Information (PYWRNT) screen shows payments issued by your agency to a payee during the current and previous fiscal years:

Note: The payment distribution type on PYWRNT does not change when a held warrant is released. PYWRNT displays the original payment status at the time the payment was issued.

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