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Sequence of Events for Debtors
Debtor Options

The Notice of State Payment(s) Held outlines the options that payees can select to manage their debt with the state.

Pay the Balance

The debtor can pay the debt in full to the hold source agency. This is the fastest way to clear a hold.

Once the debt is paid, the hold source agency is responsible for removing the hold in TINS so future payments will not be held.

When the hold is released, the Comptroller’s office will release the held warrant to the paying agency for distribution to the payee.

Submit the Voluntary Offset Form

If the debtor submits the authorization for voluntary offset, the Comptroller’s office will apply the held warrant(s) to the debt during the next scheduled offset process following receipt of the signed form instead of waiting 30 days. Voluntary offset speeds up the process, which can help payees if the held warrant is more than the debt amount.

If funds remain after the held warrant has been applied to the debt, the Comptroller’s office issues a separate overage payment to the payee. For more information, see Offset Process.

Enter into a Payment Agreement

The debtor may contact the hold source agency to reach a payment agreement. Payment agreements are made at the discretion of the hold source agency.

The hold source agency may choose to release the held warrant to a payee with a payment agreement. In this case, the hold source agency must submit a Warrant Release or Reinstatement Request form (00-432) (login required) PDF to the Comptroller’s office. When the warrant is released, it will be forwarded to the paying agency for distribution to the payee.

Provide Notice of Bankruptcy

If the debtor provides notice of bankruptcy to the hold source agency or Comptroller’s office, the held warrant cannot be offset toward the state debt. For more information, see Bankruptcy.

Allow the Automatic Offset

If the payee takes no action, the Comptroller’s office offsets the held warrant(s) 30 days after the payment date. For more information, see Offset Process.

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