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Notice of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy affects the Notice of State Payment(s) Held.

If payees… And… Then…
Are NOT in active bankruptcy, They choose to complete the Voluntary Offset form, The Comptroller’s office will apply their held warrants to their debts before the 30-day offset period.
Are in active bankruptcy, They use the second part of the form to notify the Comptroller’s office or the hold source agency(ies) of the active bankruptcy,

The hold source agency(ies) must determine if the hold(s) should remain.

  • If a hold remains, held warrants are not eligible for offset.
  • If all holds are released, held warrants are released to payee.
Complete both the Voluntary Offset and Bankruptcy Status sections of the form and the bankruptcy is verified as active,   The Voluntary Offset form will not be honored. Payees must be advised their offset request cannot be accepted due to their active bankruptcy status.
Already have a bankruptcy record in TINS,   They will receive the Bankruptcy Notice of State Payment(s) Held, which does not provide the option of submitting the Voluntary Offset form since their held warrants are not eligible for offset.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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