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Introduction to Payee Setup and Maintenance
Research Checklist for Payee Setups

Research these questions before setting up a payee in TINS.

Questions Research

Is the Application for Texas Identification Number complete?

Has the payee submitted proper documentation?

See Security Recommendations.
Does the payee already exist in TINS?

Inquire on the Payee Mail Code Information (PYADDR) screen, which provides a range of information on a payee.

Many payees do business with multiple state agencies and may have already been set up by another agency.

If the payee is not already set up in TINS, one of these messages will appear on the lower part of the screen:

  • Mail Codes Do Not Exist
  • Master Setup Required
  • TIN Purged On MM/DD/YYYY
  • Master Reserved
  • TIN Changed/Merged
Does the payee’s application and tax record reflect the same information?

Inquire on the Multi-Tax Summary (MTSUMM) screen, which exists outside of TINS as a part of the Comptroller’s Integrated Taxpayer System (ITS).

Verify the information, such as ownership type and SOS File Number, agrees with the application.

If the information does not agree, seek clarification on the discrepancies from the payee before proceeding.

Corrections to TINS or the tax data may be necessary. Conflicting information could result in the inactivation of a mail code or TIN.

Then take the appropriate online entry action based on your research.

If the payee is… Then…
Already set up in TINS and the address information is the same as an active mail code, Use that mail code to make the payment
Already setup in TINS but another address has been requested, Add a new mail code in TINS using the Payee Mail Code Setup (PMCTUP) – Existing Payee
Not set up in TINS, Add the payee to TINS as a new setup using the Payee Master Level Setup (PMSTUP)

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