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Introduction to Payee Setup and Maintenance
Research Checklist for Payee Changes

As with setting up a new payee in TINS, doing research is an important step before making changes to a TIN.

Questions Research

Do you have the correct payee and mail code?

Do you have the system-assigned 7 number if needed?

Is the TIN or mail code active?

Review the Payee Mail Code Information (PYADDR) screen to ensure you have selected the correct payee and mail code and the mail code is active.

You may inquire on PYADDR using either the 2 (SSN- or ITIN-based number) or 7 number.

See also Security Recommendations.

Could the change you make affect payments other agencies make to the same payee?

Review the Payee Voucher History (PVOUIN) screen to see if other agencies make payments to the same payee.

Notify any other paying agencies to make them aware of the impending change.

You may also review the Payee Maintenance History (PMTHIS) screen to see all recently made changes.

Is the mail code secured? Contact the securing source agency to request changes to the information for a secured mail code.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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