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TexPayment Resource

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Master and Mail Code Setups and Changes

After completing your research, you are ready to set up:

If changes are needed to an existing setup, you will use these screens:

Companies with an Assumed Name, DBA or Subsidiaries

Determine the legally established business name to enter in the NAME field of the Payee Mail Code Setup (PMCTUP) or Payee Mail Code Change (PCHGMC) screen for the payee setup. If needed, use the LINE 1 address field to enter:

  • Assumed name if the corporation or limited partnership does business under a name other than the legal name in its certificate of formation
  • Doing business as (DBA) name in a sole proprietorship if the business is conducted under a name other than the surname of the individual

Companies should not be paid under multiple EINs unless they are a wholly owned subsidiary.

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