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Address Validation Tips

Note: The Comptroller’s address-matching software from the U.S. Postal Service is updated monthly.

  • Since the system reads addresses from the bottom to the top, street address information should be populated on the last line used for the address. Entries such as “Attention, In care of, Suite, Room Number, DBA, etc.” should be entered above the street address line.
  • A dash, percent sign or asterisk is not allowed as the first character in any of the four address lines.
  • For individuals who pick up their mail at the post office window, enter General Delivery in the last populated address line with the city, state and ZIP code. TINS will validate this address. General delivery service is available to residents in some towns with mail delivery.
  • Post office boxes are all listed in the address-matching software and will be validated.
  • If you enter highway followed by the number (e.g. Highway 204), TINS will assume by default it is a U.S. highway. If it is a state highway, enter State Highway 204.
  • If you enter a valid address without the plus 4 ZIP code:
    • During online entry, TINS displays the pop-up box stating that the address is altered to meet postal standards with the plus 4 ZIP code populated. To accept the change, enter Y after the question, “Do you want to accept the address?” The system will then display a warning message stating that the ZIP code has been modified.
    • During batch processing, the system will automatically populate the plus 4 ZIP code and issue a warning message on Report TINS 84104W: Payee Maintenance Transactions With Warnings Only stating that the address was altered to meet postal standards.
  • If a city is more than 20 characters, the truncated city name is still a valid deliverable address. Even though TINS stores only 20 characters, cities that exceed this limit are considered a validated address.
  • If the system finds a single match with alterations for an address submitted via batch, the address will be updated, and agencies will get a warning message on the TINS 84104W report. Alterations may include:
    • Adding or abbreviating a suffix of avenue, boulevard, road, etc.
    • Adding or abbreviating a directional of North, Southwest, East, etc.
    • Adding a plus 4 ZIP code
    • Correcting a misspelled word
  • If the system finds multiple matches for an address submitted via batch, the batch transaction will be rejected. Errors appear on the TINS 84104A report.
  • If you continue to encounter errors when trying to update an address:
    • Verify with the payee the accuracy of the address. For example, is it a newly developed area? Is it a county road, farm-to-market, ranch road, rural route, state highway, U.S. highway, etc.?
    • Check the U.S. Postal Service website to determine if the address has a valid ZIP Code.
    • Sometimes putting a suite number or apartment number on its own line above the street address line aids in processing.

Note: If you need an address override from Payment Services, submit the appropriate form:

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