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TINS Reports
Remote Printing

Agencies and institutions receive their reports via remote print. Reports are available for printing the day after the transactions are processed and/or submitted to TINS. Users with appropriate security have the ability to control the printing or suppression of specific reports.

For more information, see Requirements for Transmitting Comptroller Information Over Public Networks and Downloading Mainframe Reports Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) (FPP N.007) (login required).

If your agency is not receiving its reports, please contact your agency security coordinator (Comptroller user ID required).

If your agency is not set up for remote print or has printing issues, contact the Comptroller’s Help Desk:

  • Email to the attention of System Input/Output (SIO) Group or
  • Call 512-463-HELP (4357) and request a ticket be submitted for the SIO Group.
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