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TINS Codes
SIC Codes

The following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes describe payee types unique to the Comptroller’s office and TINS. These SICs are not included in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual.

Note: The default is 9999 – Miscellaneous Payee, which is the appropriate code for any payee type not listed.

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Code Payee Type
9221 Police Protection
9901 State Employee
9902 Nonprofit Organization
9903 Direct Deposit of Bills
9904 State Publication
9905 Refunds
9907 Assignment of Parent’s Wages for Child Support by Court Order Through Payroll Deduction
9908 Kidney Patients (Department of State Health Services)
9909 Rehabilitation Recipients (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services)
9910 Child Support Payment Recipients (Attorney General)
9911 Mental Health and Mental Retardation
9912 Teacher Retirement System Payments
9913 Health Recipients
9914 Employees Retirement System Payments
9915 University and College Loan and Grants
9916 Ranger Pensions (Comptroller’s office)
9917 Board Members
9919 Texas Juvenile Justice Department
9920 Land Purchases (General Land Office)
9921 Consultants to State Agencies
9922 Compensation Claims (Attorney General)
9923 Hearing Aids (Department of Aging and Disability Services)
9924 Vendor Drug (Department of Health and Human Services)
9925 Child Support Payment Recipients
9926 TANF—Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Health and Human Services Commission)
9927 Refugees/Disaster Victims (Health and Human Services Commission)
9928 Social Services (Health and Human Services Commission)
9929 IRS Tax Levy
9930 Right of Way Purchases (Department of Transportation)
9932 Texas Taxing Units (e.g., school and utility districts)
9933 Deferred Compensation
9934 Payee Assignment(Not IRS Levy or Child Support)
9935 Bankruptcy
9936 Unclaimed Property Refund
9937 Tort Claims (Comptroller Fiscal/Attorney General)
9938 Spousal Maintenance
9999 Miscellaneous Payee (Default)