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TexPayment Resource

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Payee Number Requirements
Other Numbers

Agency Repeater Numbers

Agency repeater numbers are used for interagency payments. They begin with 3, followed by the agency number repeated three times, and ending with a check digit. For example, the repeater number for agency 200 is 32002002007.

Note: If you are responsible for handling interagency transactions, training is recommended. Please see USAS Interagency Transactions Web-based Training.

PRX and SPX Mail Codes

PRX and SPX mail codes are system-generated in TINS by the payroll systems for state employee payroll payments:

  • PR1, PR2, PR3 – Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System
  • SP1, SP2, SP3 – Statewide Payroll/Personnel Reporting System (includes Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System HR/Payroll)

You may use mail codes PR1/PR2 or SP1/SP2 to issue travel payments while an employee is employed by your agency. Do not set up or issue any other type of non-payroll payment using PRX or SPX mail codes.