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TexPayment Resource

Note: To navigate this guide on a mobile device you must use the Table of Contents.

Inquiry Screens
Inquiry Screen T-Codes and Descriptions

To navigate to the inquiry screens:

  • If available, choose the screen from the INQMEN screen
  • Enter the screen T-code on Line 1 (upper left position)

Note: Your user security determines access to the screens. See Security Requirements for TINS Access.

TINS will allow users to perform inquiries using any TIN type.

Click on a column heading to sort by that column
INQMEN T-Code T-Code Screen Title Description
BANKIN Financial Institution Information Lists financial institutions eligible to receive direct deposit payments from the state via their nine-digit routing number
  BKRUPD TINS Bankruptcy File Performs as an inquiry and update screen for add, change and delete
  INQMEN TINS Inquiry Menu  
  MTSUMM Multi-Tax Summary Comptroller taxpayer inquiry screen
  PAYNAM Payee Name Search  
PAYVEN Vendor Payment Information Menu Includes three sub-level screens that are only accessible through PAYVEN
  • PYVEN1 – Vendor Payment Level Information
  • PYVEN2 – Vendor Document Level Payment Information
  • PYVEN3 – Vendor Invoice Level Payment Information
PDDINQ Bank Transit Code Inquiry Restricted to Comptroller users
PFYWRT Prior FY Payment Information Lists payments for the second and third prior fiscal years
PMTHIS Payee Maintenance History  
PVOUIN Payee Voucher History  
PYADDR Payee Mail Code Information  
PYDIST Payee Distribution – Direct Deposit  
PYHOLD Payee Hold Information  
PYMAST Payee Master Information  
PYWRNT Payee Payment Information Lists payments for the current and prior fiscal years
PYWTHB Payee Warrants on Hold and Released  
PYWTHD Payee Warrants on Hold  
PYWTHR Payee Held Warrants Released  
RSNINQ Agency Hold Reason Inquiry