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TexPayment Resource

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Introduction to General Provisions
Role of Payment Services

The Payment Services section in the Fiscal Management Division is responsible for:

  • Distributing state warrants to the paying agency and direct deposit payments to state agencies’ payees on behalf of the paying agencies.
  • Administering TINS in compliance with state and federal laws, rules, policies and procedures
  • Monitoring agency records in TINS to ensure data integrity and identify potential fraud
  • Assisting agencies with questions that include TINS processes, error messages, reports, forms and file layouts
  • Overseeing the direct deposit program, including state employee pay cards
  • Administering the warrant hold program, including processing offsets against state-owed debts
  • Canceling Treasury reinstated warrants and processing direct deposit reversals
  • Providing training classes on TINS and payment processes (see training links in the right feature box)
  • Providing a Help Desk for agency users and state payees who have questions about the Comptroller’s processes, such as the warrant hold offset process

Calls, communications and forms received by Payment Services from state agencies’ payees for payment status or payment tracking are referred to the payees’ paying agencies. This includes questions for completion of TINS and agency forms.