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DDEP Web Application

The Direct Deposits – Reversals and Reclamations (DDEP) web application is the required method for each paying agency to process its own reversals and reclamations. Users must request security access to DDEP via their agency security coordinator (Comptroller user ID required).

DDEP Processing Cycle

The DDEP web application is scheduled to run on the same daily cycle as the mainframe systems. Once the nightly cycle begins, new transactions cannot be added, and pending transactions cannot be edited or canceled. Reversals and reclamations are then transmitted to the automated clearing house (ACH) network the following business day.

Transactions that are not certified (approved) on the current day will remain pending until the next business day, or until the reversal or reclamation deadline set by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).

DDEP is available during weekends and holidays. Transactions entered during weekends and holidays that do not include a processing cycle will have the next business day as the process date.