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Promoting Direct Deposit

Get your money faster with Texas Direct Deposit.

Direct deposit saves the state money while providing payees with a better option for their payments.

The Comptroller’s office provides easy-to-use resources to help promote direct deposit. Enter your agency contact information in the interactive Marketing Materials for Agency Use and then:

You can also use the logos in a section on your agency’s website to promote direct deposit. See Direct Deposit Resources for Payees.

Direct Deposit Month

May is Direct Deposit Month, a yearly reminder that direct deposit payments save the state money and offer a safe, convenient method of payment to the payees of the state. Direct Deposit Month also serves as a reminder of the safety and convenience of direct deposit starts with each state agency’s practice of due diligence to protect your agency and your customers process.

When asked by a payee to set up direct deposit, each state agency should:

Direct deposit self-serve employees and direct deposit processing staff should understand the importance of entering accurate information to avoid the process of recovering erroneous payments.


The following are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to recover erroneous payments:

There are many resources in place to help state agencies understand direct deposit processing. The Comptroller’s office offers classes at our Austin Southcliff training location as well as a direct depositweb classavailable through FM Training. Direct deposit information and forms are now available on TexPayment Resource