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Promoting Direct Deposit

Get your money faster with Texas Direct Deposit.

Direct deposit saves the state money while providing payees with a better option for their payments.

  • How much do warrants cost your agency? Use this Savings Calculator to see how much direct deposit can save your agency.
  • What is your agency’s non-payroll direct deposit participation rate? Find out by checking the Agency Direct Deposit Percentages.
  • Is your agency increasing your direct deposit percentage over time? Email Payment Services at to request a customized report.

The Comptroller’s office provides easy-to-use resources to help promote direct deposit. Enter your agency contact information in the interactive Marketing Materials for Agency Use and then:

  • Include the stuffer in warrant envelopes
  • Post or distribute the flyer

You can also use the logos in a section on your agency’s website to promote direct deposit. See Direct Deposit Resources for Payees.

Direct Deposit Month

May is Direct Deposit Month, a yearly reminder that direct deposit payments save the state money and offer a safe, convenient method of payment to the payees of the state. Direct Deposit Month also serves as a reminder of the safety and convenience of direct deposit starts with each state agency’s practice of due diligence to protect your agency and your customers process.

When asked by a payee to set up direct deposit, each state agency should:

  • Know their customer
  • Verify the direct deposit authorization is from the payee and that all sections are complete and legible
  • Research the payee’s recent direct deposit activity in TINS before adding new account information
  • Monitor daily agency direct deposit reports for any notice of change actions (NOC) or cancellations for payees

Direct deposit self-serve employees and direct deposit processing staff should understand the importance of entering accurate information to avoid the process of recovering erroneous payments.


The following are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to recover erroneous payments:

  • Reversals MUST be submitted within five business days of the payment settlement date of the payment or a reversal cannot be processed per NACHA rules
  • Be sure to send completed forms with accurate information in order for your reversal request to be processed in a timely manner
  • Reversals requests are an attempt to recover funds; there is no guarantee a bank will return the money
  • The Comptroller’s office may only submit reversal requests on behalf of the issuing agency.  If the deadline for a reversal request has passed, or if the reversal request was denied by the receiving bank, the issuing agency will be solely responsible for further attempts at recovering funds

There are many resources in place to help state agencies understand direct deposit processing. The Comptroller’s office offers classes at our Austin Southcliff training location as well as a direct depositweb classavailable through FM Training. Direct deposit information and forms are now available on TexPayment Resource

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