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Direct Deposit Processing
Roles and Responsibilities


State payees must provide authorization to establish, change or cancel direct deposit on either Comptroller’s office forms or agency forms approved by the Comptroller’s office. See Direct Deposit Forms.

Custodial Agency

The state agency or institution of higher education that establishes and maintains the payee’s direct deposit instructions in TINS is called the custodial agency.

See the AGY field on the Payee Distribution – Direct Deposit (PYDIST) inquiry screen to identify the custodial agency.

Note: A payee can have different custodial agencies for different mail codes.

Custodial agencies need to monitor applicable daily reports for updates to direct deposit instructions.

Paying Agency

The paying agency is issuing the payment.

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Payment Services in the Comptroller’s office oversees the direct deposit program and helps resolve problems.

Note: If the Comptroller’s office receives a request to change existing direct deposit information, the form will be forwarded to the custodial agency for verification and processing. This helps ensure only legitimate change requests are processed.