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Direct Deposit Processing
Returned Money Items

Returned money items are direct deposit payments sent back by financial institutions. The payee’s financial institution sends back the payment through the ACH system to the State Treasury, who in turn moves the funds to Payment Services. Payment Services then enters a USAS transaction to move the funds to the paying agency’s fund.

Payment Services notifies agencies of returned money items via encrypted email sent to the Direct Deposit Bill Coordinator or Direct Deposit Payroll Coordinator.


  • The Comptroller’s office recommends that agencies set up a group email account (such as to ensure your agency receives direct deposit notifications even if someone is out of the office.
  • If you do not use a group email account:
    • The Direct Deposit Bill or Payroll Coordinator should set an out-of-office message to alert Payment Services staff to resend the notification to the back-up contact.
    • Please submit the Contact List Update Form as needed to update your Direct Deposit Bill and/or Payroll Coordinator.

Payment Services prepares a Returned Money Report to send as an encrypted email attachment to the paying agency. The report includes:

  • Each returned money item for the day with payment detail from the NOC:
    • Payee number
    • Account information
    • Reason code for return
    • Dollar amount of payment
    • Effective date
  • The associated journal voucher number beginning with J5, followed by the fiscal year, date and preparer.
  • The coding block used to move the money back into the agency’s fund noted at the bottom of the agency report:
    • Fund 0980 for bills/travel/annuities


    • Fund 9014 for payroll

Agencies can access USAS to confirm the funds have been returned.