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Mid-Day Validation Process
TIN/Mail Code Status Check

The mid-day validation process can also be used to check if the TIN and/or mail code is set up in TINS or if a payee master and/or mail code setup is required. If the TIN and/or mail code is found, the output file will include the active or inactive status of the TIN and/or mail code in fields on the output file layout.

If the Submitted… Then…
TIN and/or mail code is not on file, Submit a payee master and/or mail code setup before payments can be issued for the TIN and mail code
TIN and/or TIN and mail code is inactive, Contact Payment Services or submit a Payee Change Request form (login required) PDF to request reactivation of the TIN or mail code.

If the mail code was inactivated during the monthly mail code cleanup inactivation process, agencies can submit a mid-day input file to request reactivation as long as the Address Indicator is not Blank.
TIN and mail code are active, Payments may be issued to the TIN and mail code.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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