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Mail Code Address Validation

TINS requires a valid address on batch transactions when:

  • A new mail code is submitted (T-code 650) or
  • A mail code address is changed (T-code 652).

Certain mail codes are excluded from the address validation requirements in TINS, such as mail codes:

  • Generated by HRIS, USPS or SPRS
  • Added or changed in TINS by agencies and institutions of higher education for state employees (Ownership Type = E)
  • Set up for tax refunds (e.g., TXX mail code)

TINS attempts to validate the address information for all other mail code transactions:

If TINS Finds… Then TINS Will…
A single address match without alterations, Accept the address.
A single address match with alterations, Accept the address and issue a warning message on the agency reports TINS 84104A or TINS 84104W.
Multiple address matches, Reject the batch transaction and issue an error message on the agency reports TINS 84104A.

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