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USAS Deposit Default Processing

FPP Q.006

Clearing the Deposit Default Fund

To clear amounts out of the deposit default fund for both YD and YF documents, enter a journal voucher (J document) to reverse the posting to the deposit default fund and post the amount to the same coding block as the original D or F deposit document. Use the following coding elements to clear the deposit default fund:

  1. PCA 99900
  2. Appropriation number 00000
  3. Default fund 9000
  4. Comptroller object 3788
  5. T-code 195 or 195R, depending on whether a reversing T-code was used on the original D document
  6. Include Legal Descriptive Text (LDT) on the journal voucher


  • If an object code other than 3788 was used for the YD or YF document, use that same object code to reverse the transaction.
  • Clearing the default fund 9000 should only be done using a journal voucher (J document type).