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USAS Deposit Default Processing

FPP Q.006

USAS/Treasury Procedures for F Document Types

USAS Input Edit Update (IEU) Data Element Errors for F Document Types

If... Then...
There is a fatal error with the F Doc in USAS during the IEU cycle.
  1. USAS generates a YF document for the entire amount of the failed F doc transactions. The YF document posts to the applicable financial agency’s default coding block with T-code 184 for the appropriate monetary amount. The failed F doc transactions automatically delete from the IT file. The failed transactions appear on the originating agency’s (agency 311 or 902) DAFR2151 error report with error code JDC – System Generated Default Deposit Document (along with any other applicable fatal errors).
  2. Each financial agency with failed F doc transactions receives the DAFR018F report. This report provides the failed F doc transaction’s original coding block, the YF doc number and the associated fatal error(s).