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USAS Deposit Default Processing

FPP Q.006

YF Documents

A YF document generates whenever transactions on the pre-approved deposit (F doc) receive a fatal error during the USAS IEU cycle. F documents can only fail during the USAS IEU cycle due to data element or funding errors. There is only one YF document generated per day for each agency. The YF documents have suffixes 101–999.

The YF document transaction combines all failed F documents for an agency, with a separate YF transaction for each failed F document. An exception to this is failed transactions on the original F document that have a reversing T-code. These transactions are combined in a separate transaction/suffix on the YF document. The REF DOC/SFX field on the YF document transaction contains the associated F document number.

USAS issues action code 835 – Default Deposit Generated for F documents with transactions that receive fatal errors during the USAS IEU cycle. Error Code JDC – System Generated Default Deposit Document is issued for each failed transaction and the related system-generated YF document number populates in the INVOICE DESCRIPTION field.

Note: The failed F documents only appear on the originating agency’s DAFR2151 error report (agency 311 or 902).

The system-generated YF document uses the agency’s default coding block for the dollar amount of the funds received by Treasury. The failed F document transactions will not post in USAS and will be automatically deleted and not remain on the USAS Internal Transaction (IT) file. The agency needs to clear the YF document amount out of the default fund using the procedures outlined in Clearing the Deposit Default Fund.

The DAFR018F [Deposit Corrections this Cycle (F DOCS)] can be used to view the failed F documents and the related generated YF documents.

Note: Only use a journal voucher (J document type) to clear the default fund 9000.