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USAS Deposit Default Processing

FPP Q.006

YD Documents

In the following situations, USAS generates a YD document that uses the agency’s default coding block and the dollar amount of the deposit received by Treasury:

  • A USAS deposit (D document) fails to match the Treasury file for any of the following:
    • Agency
    • Fiscal year
    • Document number
    • Document amount
  • After receiving Treasury approval (Action Code 825), a D document transaction receives a fatal data element or funding error during the USAS input, edit and update (IEU) cycle.
  • A batch is in hold status and/or out of balance. If any batch document is out of balance, the entire batch is on hold and out of balance.
  • The D document is included on the Treasury file but does not have a matching D document in USAS.

For the Treasury/USAS matching process, the percentage and amount tolerances on D documents are eliminated. Any discrepancy between the Treasury and USAS document amounts and any fatal errors detected during the USAS IEU cycle generate a YD document transaction for the total amount received by Treasury. The related D document number from the Treasury file populates in the REF DOC/SFX field on the YD document transaction.

During the USAS IEU cycle, the YD document includes all transactions on the original document that have fatal IEU errors in a single transaction. An exception to this is failed transactions on the original document that have a reversing T-code. These transactions are included as a separate transaction/suffix on the YD document.


Agency 852 had the following failed deposit transactions on 08/23/16:

  • D7181001 has two $20 transactions and two reversing $15 transactions (“R” T-code) that failed with fatal errors.
  • D7181002 has a $10 transaction that failed with fatal errors.
  • D7181003 has a $25 reversing transaction that failed with fatal errors.

The following YD document was generated during the cycle:

Doc No/ Sfx TC Rvs PCA APPN COBJ Amount Ref Doc
YD082316 101 184   99900 00000 3788 40.00 D7181001
YD082316 102 184 R 99900 00000 3788 30.00 D7181001
YD082316 103 184   99900 00000 3788 10.00 D7181002
YD082316 104 184 R 99900 00000 3788 25.00 D7181003

USAS issues action code 835 – Default Deposit Generated for D documents that fail Treasury match or have transactions that receive fatal errors during the USAS IEU cycle. Error code JDC – System Generated Default Deposit Document is issued for each transaction and the related system-generated YD document number populates in the INVOICE DESCRIPTION field.

Note: Only D documents that receive fatal errors during the USAS IEU cycle appear on the agency’s error report (DAFR2151). D documents that fail Treasury match do not appear on the DAFR2151.

The D document(s) that failed Treasury match, and the D document transaction(s) that received fatal errors during the USAS IEU cycle, remain on the USAS Internal Transaction (IT) file and must be deleted by the agency. The agency must also clear the YD document amount out of the default fund using the procedures outlined in Clearing the Deposit Default Fund.

The DAFR018B [USAS Deposit Corrections this Cycle (D DOCS)] report can be used to view the D documents that failed Treasury match or contained errors, and the related generated YD documents.

Note: Clearing the default fund 9000 should only be done using a journal voucher (J document type).

Suffixes for YD documents

There is only one YD document generated per day for each agency.

Suffix number ranges

  • YD document transactions generated when the D document fails the Treasury/USAS matching process have suffixes 001–100.
  • YD document transactions generated during the USAS IEU cycle have suffixes 101–999.

This numbering system helps agencies determine why the original deposit document did not receive Treasury approval.