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Reimbursable Expenses Incurred for Reasons Unrelated to State Business
Travel Expenses of Threatened State Employees and Their Families

If a state employee who serves in a law enforcement, investigative or similar capacity is threatened as a result of his or her official duties, the employee and his or her family may be reimbursed for their related travel expenses, per Texas Government Code, Sections 660.145(a-c), 660.012(b). The expenses may be reimbursed even if they are incurred within the employee’s designated headquarters.


Pam, a Department of Public Safety (DPS) undercover agent, is threatened due to the nature of the duties she performs. DPS determines that Pam and her family should travel to an adjacent city to ensure their safety. All related travel expenses including lodging, transportation and meals incurred by Pam and her family may be reimbursed by DPS.