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Reimbursable expenses incurred for reasons unrelated to state business
Attending funerals

A state employee may be reimbursed for a travel expense incurred while attending the funeral of an individual who was a state employee, a board member or a legislator if:

  • the agency determines that the employee’s attendance at the funeral is appropriate under the circumstances; and
  • the expense is reimbursed only to the extent it could have been reimbursed had it been incurred while conducting state business. Texas Government Code Section 660.011

The Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas (DPS) may reimburse a commissioned peace officer or a communications officer employed by DPS for a lodging, transportation or meal expense incurred while representing DPS at the funeral of a fallen peace officer. Legislature intends for DPS to send only a small delegation to any funeral that occurs outside Texas. See General Appropriations Act (GAA), Article 5, Department of Public Safety, Rider titled “Authorization of Funeral Travel Reimbursement.”

A board, commission, committee, council, governing body or similar entity in the executive, legislative or judicial branch of state government that is composed of two or more members. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(2)
State Employee
An individual employed by a state agency, including a key official. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(20) The term includes prospective state employees and aircraft pilots.
Travel Expense
A meal, lodging, transportation or incidental expense. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(21)
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