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Reimbursable Expenses Incurred for Reasons Unrelated to State Business
Travel Expenses Incurred While on Leave

Per, Texas Government Code, Section 660.008(1-3), a state employee may be reimbursed for a travel expense incurred while using personal or compensatory leave if:

  • The leave is used while the employee is away from their designated headquarters.
  • The primary purpose of the employee’s being away is to conduct state business.
  • The agency determines that returning the employee to their designated headquarters while using the leave would not be practical or cost-effective.
  • The expense is incurred in the duty point at which the employee is conducting state business.
  • The expense is a type of expense that the employee incurred or would have incurred while conducting state business.


Julie is a state employee headquartered in Houston. She travels to Dallas to conduct state business, and attends business meetings in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday. She has another business meeting in Dallas on Friday. Julie's agency determines it would not be cost-effective to reimburse her to return to Houston, her headquarters, and then back Dallas, her duty point, on Friday to resume state business. Julie agrees to stay in Dallas on personal leave on Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, she may be reimbursed for meal, lodging and transportation expenses incurred at the duty point while she is on leave. The expenses she incurs both on personal leave and while conducting state business are only reimbursable up to the applicable maximum reimbursement rates. If Julie decides to drive her vehicle to a location outside the duty point or incurs meals at a location outside the duty point, the expenses would not be reimbursable.