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Reimbursable Expenses Incurred for Reasons Unrelated to State Business
Medical Care for Traveling State Employees

Per Texas Government Code, Section 660.010(1-4), as additional compensation to a state employee, the employee may be reimbursed for a travel expense incurred while obtaining medical care for the employee if:

  • The expense is incurred outside the employee's designated headquarters.
  • The purpose of the employee traveling outside the employee’s designated headquarters was to conduct state business.
  • It would be unreasonable to wait to receive the care until the employee returns to the employee’s designated headquarters.
  • The expense would have been reimbursable had it been incurred while conducting state business.


Mike, a state employee traveling on state business outside his designated headquarters, catches the flu. He is unable to perform his duties and determines it is necessary to visit the nearest appropriate hospital before returning home. He drives his personal vehicle to and from the hospital. The mileage Mike incurs is reimbursable at the applicable reimbursement rate.