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Agency-Specific Provisions
Texas Juvenile Justice Department Hazardous Duty Pay


Certain employees of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), formerly the Texas Youth Commission, perform hazardous duties and are eligible for hazardous duty pay.

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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive hazardous duty pay, an employee of TJJD must routinely be in direct contact with youth placed in a residential facility of TJJD, or with youth released under the supervision of TJJD.

Except as provided by Government Code, Section 659.303, TJJD may include hazardous duty pay in the compensation if the individual:

  • Is a state employee for any portion of the first workday of the month in a position that renders the employee eligible for hazardous duty pay, and
  • Has completed at least 12 months of lifetime service credit not later than the last day of the preceding month.

An individual’s ceasing to be a state employee or ceasing to work in a position eligible to receive hazardous duty pay sometime during the month does not affect the individual’s hazardous duty entitlement for that month. The full amount of hazardous duty pay must be paid to the individual.

Note: Employees who work in TJJD’s central office are not eligible to receive hazardous duty pay.

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Pay Amount

Generally, the amount of hazardous duty pay that TJJD pays monthly full-time state employees is $10 for each 12-month period of lifetime service credit accrued by the employee.

Exception for certain grandfathered employees

The amount of hazardous duty pay TJJD pays monthly full-time state employees whose compensation during any month prior to August 1987 included hazardous duty pay that was based on total state service performed before May 29, 1987, is the sum of:

Part-time employees

Part-time state employees earn hazardous duty pay at a rate that is proportional to the full-time rate.

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Additional Resources

To learn more about entering this special pay, see Chapter 10 “Special Pays” of the USPS Process Guide (FPP R.017).

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Full-time state employee
An employee who is normally scheduled to work at least 40 hours per week.
Lifetime service credit
Applicable only to an employee in a hazardous duty position, lifetime service credit is the sum of all periods of employment in a hazardous duty position during the employee’s state employment history. Periods of employment in a hazardous duty position at a community or junior college are included in lifetime service credit. Lifetime service credit is used in the calculation of the effective service date for hazardous duty pay.
Part-time state employee
A state employee who is not a full-time state employee.
State service credit
The sum of all periods of employment regardless if the held position entitled the employee to hazardous duty.


Texas Government Code Annotated, Sections 659.303 (Vernon 2012); 34 Texas Administrative Code, Section 5.39; Attorney General Opinion, DM-376.

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