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Texas Payroll/Personnel Resource

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Agency-Specific Provisions
Supplemental Pay for Certain Judges


The General Appropriations Act (GAA) provides authority and funding for the Comptroller’s Judiciary Section (Agency 241) to pay a supplemental amount to certain district judges who serve as a local administrative judge in a county with more than five district courts.

Note: The special pay number unique to Agency 241 (District Courts – Comptroller’s Judiciary Section) is 011.

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The district judges who qualify may receive a supplement of not more than $5,000 above the salary to which the judge would otherwise be entitled.

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Additional Resources

To learn more about entering these salary stipends, see Chapter 10, “Special Pays” of the USPS Process Guide (FPP R.017).


General Appropriations Act, Article IV, Judiciary Section, Comptroller’s Department Rider 2; Texas Government Code, Section 659.012 (Vernon 2012).