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Texas Payroll/Personnel Resource

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Agency-Specific Provisions
Fire Prevention/Safety Pay


Certain agencies are authorized to pay employees an amount in addition to their regular pay for performing fire prevention duties. This pay is authorized to ensure clients residing in state agency facilities are protected.

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Health and Human Services Agencies

Regular employees of state mental health and mental retardation facilities located in remote or rural areas may be assigned extra duties in fire prevention programs. The following payments are authorized in addition to base salary:

Fire Chief:$75 per month
Assistant Fire Chief:$65 per month
Fire Brigade Member:$50 per month

Health and Human Services agencies determine which employees qualify for this extra pay.

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Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Regular employees of facilities operated by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) may be assigned extra duties on special tactics and response teams.

Team leaders may receive no more than $125 per month.

Employees categorized as team members may receive no more than $100 per month for these extra duties.

TJJD determines which employees qualify for team leader or team member pay.

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Rural area
For the purpose of fire prevention pay, a remote area is a location without access to municipal fire protection.


General Appropriations Act (GAA), Rider 25 in the special provisions relating to all Health and Human Services agencies; GAA, Rider 11 in the appropriations to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.