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USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures

USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures – Exhibits

Exhibit A – Reports

Report No. Type Source Description
PCU 101 Exception D23, D22, DØ2 Consolidated funds with wrong GAAP fund type
PCU 102B Exception D23, General Ledger Financial Table Appropriated fund change report
PCU 105A Listing DØ4, 26, D23 PCA/program rollup with fund/GAAP fund elements
PCU 106 Listing D23, D22 Fund profile posting levels and lookups
PCU 107 Listing 26 PCA profile posting levels and lookups
PCU 108 Listing 24 Index profile levels and lookups
PCU 110 Listing DØ3 Organization profile levels and lookups
PCU 112 Listing DØ4 Program profile levels and lookups
PCU 113 Listing D23, D24, D21 Fund/GAAP fund rollup
PCU 115 Listing D11 Agency object profile
PCU 116A Listing 26, DØ4, D23 Central PCA elements
PCU 117 Exception General Ledger Financial Table Default funds 9000 and 9001
PCU 118 Detail Active and Inactive Acctng Event Table Activity posting to funds 9000 or 9001
PCU 119 Exception General Ledger Financial Table Comptroller objects 3788 and 3789 in funds other than 9000 or 9001
PCU 120 Exception D23, General Ledger Financial Table System clearing GL account 9999 and 9992
PCU 132B Exception General Ledger Table Non-revenue objects with revenue accounts
PCU 133 Exception General Ledger Table Non-expenditure objects with expenditure accounts
PCU 134 Exception General Ledger Table Non-other sources & uses objects with other sources and uses accounts
PCU 138A
Listing General Ledger Financial Table, D23, 28A, 28B 00000 (138A) revenue codes in approp. numbers
99906 (138B) revenue codes in approp. numbers
99907 (138C) revenue codes in approp. numbers
PCU 151 Exception General Ledger Financial Table Inconsistencies between program codes and appropriation numbers
PCU 152 Listing General Ledger Table Pass thru fund and comptroller objects
PCU 155 Exception D23, D22 Status and dates on profiles

Note: Your agency will not receive a report listed as report type Exception if the report is blank. Detail of balances on exception reports should be requested from your financial reporting analyst. Detail reports will require overnight processing.

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Exhibit B – USAS Profile Rollover To FFY

The automated rollover program will create new FFY profiles, unless any one of the following conditions exists:

  • The CY profile is inactive (Status = I).
  • The CY profile has an effective end date of 08/31/20CY or prior.
  • The FFY profile already exists with the same profile key.

Agency-Controlled Profiles to be Rolled:

DØ3 Organization Code Profile
DØ4 Program Code Profile
D11 Agency Object Profile
D23 Fund Profile
D25 Agency Object Group Profile
D37 Other System Cost Center Profile
22 Cost Allocation Profile
23 Fixed Percent Allocation Profile
24 Index Code Profile
25 Agency Control Profile
26 Program Cost Account Profile

Centrally Controlled Profiles to be Rolled:

DØ9 Comptroller Source/Group Profile
D1Ø Comptroller Object Profile
D34 NACUBO Source/Object Profile
D54 NACUBO Function Code Profile
8C Comptroller Object Relationship Edit Profile
8D Program Code Relationship Edit Profile
8E Organization Code Relationship Edit Profile
20 Appropriation Number Profile
20B Appropriation AFR T-code/COBJ Profile

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Exhibit C – Requesting Agency Profile Reports – DAFQs

Agencies can request any agency controlled profile report from the 91 profile. These types of reports are referred to as DAFQs. These reports will show the same fields in the same order as they appear on the profile in USAS.

To request a DAFQ:

  1. Link to the 91 profile.
  2. Enter A in the ACTION field to add or enter R to recall an existing request. After recalling an existing record, enter C in the ACTION field to save any changes to the request.
  3. Specify the Agency, Requestor, Report Id, Request No, Frequency in the upper portion of the screen and enter the agency again under the special select area.
  4. Press F6 or Enter to process.

Note: To determine the REPORT ID, always use DAFQXXX0, where the XXX is the USAS profile number. If the profile is not prefixed with a D, the profile number is prefixed with a 0.

For example, if the request is for the D23 profile, the REPORT ID would be DAFQD230.

If the request is for the 26 profile, the REPORT ID would be DAFQ0260. AY is optional. If left blank, the report will contain all appropriation years for that profile. FREQUENCY must be an actual date. DAFQ reports may be requested on any day, not only on Fridays.

    TEXAS  S091       UNIFORM STATEWIDE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM        06/18/09  7:56 AM 
     LINK TO:                REPORT REQUEST PROFILE                            PROD 
     ACTION: A (A=ADD,  C=CHANGE,  D=DELETE,  N=NEXT,  R=RECALL)                  
       APPN YEAR:        PERIOD:                  FY:    FREQUENCY: 061820CY   
     LEVEL –   ORG:   PROGRAM:   OBJECT:   FUND:   NACUBO FUND:   GL ACCT:        
             GRANT:   PROJECT:                                                    
     SPECIAL SELECTS –                                                            
         AGENCY: 304                           ORG CODE:                         
     PROGRAM CODE:                            NACUBO FUND:                        
      APPROP FUND:                                   FUND:                        
      COMP OBJECT:                             AGY OBJECT:                        
          GL ACCT:                            AGY GL ACCT:                        
            GRANT:                                PROJECT:                        
       SPEC SEL 1:                             SPEC SEL 2:                        
     LST RUN DATE:            LINES:                        STATUS CODE: A        
     EFF START DATE: 06182001   EFF END DATE:            LAST PROC DATE: 06182001 
     PLEASE ENTER FUNCTION                                                        
     F1-HELP     F3-END     F4-INTERRUPT     F6-PROCESS

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Exhibit D – Other Activity Structure

*Institutions of higher education agencies are to use program codes 1980-2980-3980 for non-ABEST activity. This includes THECB transfer (ATP, ARP, Work Study, Remedial Ed, 5th Year Accounting) HEAF AUF, Texas Grants and License Plate Scholarship.
Local Funds not in State Treasury 3990(a) 99999(a) 9999
Direct Deposit – 401K Deferred Comp 34XXX 3991 00632 0942
Payroll Contra Account – HB 62 3991 01000 Various
Correction Account – Direct Deposit 44XXX 3991 07738 0980
Benefit Replacement Pay 3991 23102 Various
OASI, State Match 3991 91142 Various
Optional Retirement System 3991 97646 0001
Year-end Close/Default/Conversion PCA –DO NOT DELETE 99999 3992 blank blank
Unappropriated Activity 3992 00000 Various
Treasury Default – Deposit Adj 99900 3992 00000 Various
Treasury Default – NSF Checks 99901 3992 00000 Various
Depository Interest 99902 3992 00000 Various
Warrants Void by Statute 99903 3992 00000 Various
FACTS Warrant Cancellations 99904 3992 00000 Various
Unappropriated Activity – Suspense Account 3992 00900 0900
Unappropriated GR 99906(b) 3992 99906 0001
Local Sales Taxes – APS 008 99907(c) 3992 99907 0882
Unemployment Reimbursement – APS 003 3993 90822 Various
Trust Account Program Administration and Facility Management Accounts 3995 9 & Old Appn # Various
Debt Service Accounts, Bond Sales, Debt Retirement 3996 9 & Old Appn # Various
Central Supply, Revolving Accounts, Motor Pools, Canteens and Seminar/Training Accounts 3997 9 & Old Appn # Various
Petty Cash/Travel Advance/Imprest Accounts – APS 010 3997 94992 Various
Administration and Support 3900(d) 13900 Various
Central Administration 3901(e) 13901 Various
Financial & Personnel Services 3902(e) 13902 Various
Information Resources Technologies 3903(e) 13903 Various
Operating/Support 3904(e) 13904 Various
Attorney General’s Child Support Program-Non Budgetary 3994(e) 90585 0994
Teachers Retirement System Operations & Investments 3994(e) 96541 0960
Employees Retirement System Operations & Investments 3994(e) 96549 0955
Non-ABEST Activity* 3980 Various Various

Exhibit D – Other Activity Structure (concluded)

The Strategies 3900 – 3904 should all be profiled to look up Objective 2900 and Goal 1900.

The Strategies 3990 – 3997 should all be profiled to look up Objective 2990 and Goal 1990.

  1. State agencies/institutions that have strategies with a Method of Finance identified in the General Appropriations Act and funding is held outside the State Treasury should use the level 3 program code identified by the LBB for the strategy financed with the local funds. The appropriation number will be same as that used for the strategy. Otherwise, program code 3990 is to be used with appropriation number 99999.
  2. PCA 99907 is suggested for deposits of Local Sales Taxes.
  3. Agencies not appropriated a Goal or Strategy item of Indirect Administration in the General Appropriations Act may set up only one program to account for all administrative costs
  4. Agencies not appropriated a goal or strategy item of Indirect Administration in the General Appropriations Act may set up any or all of the four common types of administrative cost program codes
  5. Each of these codes is only applicable to the agency in the code’s description.
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