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USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures – Exhibits

Exhibit B – USAS Profile Rollover To FFY

The automated rollover program will create new FFY profiles, unless any one of the following conditions exists:

  • The CY profile is inactive (Status = I).
  • The CY profile has an effective end date of 08/31/20CY or prior.
  • The FFY profile already exists with the same profile key.

Agency-Controlled Profiles to be Rolled:

DØ3 Organization Code Profile
DØ4 Program Code Profile
D11 Agency Object Profile
D23 Fund Profile
D25 Agency Object Group Profile
D37 Other System Cost Center Profile
22 Cost Allocation Profile
23 Fixed Percent Allocation Profile
24 Index Code Profile
25 Agency Control Profile
26 Program Cost Account Profile

Centrally Controlled Profiles to be Rolled:

DØ9 Comptroller Source/Group Profile
D1Ø Comptroller Object Profile
D34 NACUBO Source/Object Profile
D54 NACUBO Function Code Profile
8C Comptroller Object Relationship Edit Profile
8D Program Code Relationship Edit Profile
8E Organization Code Relationship Edit Profile
20 Appropriation Number Profile
20B Appropriation AFR T-code/COBJ Profile
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