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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

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AFR Training

2017 Annual Financial Report Update Webinar

Recorded Webinar Information

No CPE credit will be offered for viewing the recording.

After viewing these tutorials, you should have an understanding of the highlights and changes for agency fiscal 2017 annual financial reports.

Download/print the training materials (PDF format) for the 2017 AFR Update Webinar(s) and follow along during the presentation(s):

Part 1

Webinar Topic Presenter Video
  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Highlights and Changes
  • Current & Upcoming Financial Reporting Projects
Mike Apperley and Shelly Arnold Watch Video
(21 minutes)
GASB 75 & 77 Updates
  • Effective Fiscal 2017
  • Effective Fiscal 2018
  • Overviews & OPEB
  • Financial Impact
Cynthia Goodwin Watch Video
(8 minutes)
Component Units
  • AFR’s Note 19
  • GASBs 14/39 Component Unit Questionnaire
  • Component Units & Related Organizations (CURO) Web Application
  • GASB 80 Overview & Requirements
Michelle Lee Watch Video
(18 minutes)
GASB Questionnaires
  • Submission Requirements
  • Deadline for GASB Questionnaires
Kip Anderson Watch Video
(7 minutes)
Reporting Requirements Website Navigation
  • Left Navigation Menu
  • Right Toolbox Menu
Joseph Werle Watch Video
(11 minutes)
USAS Fiscal Year-End Processes
  • USAS System-Generated Preparation
  • Agency Deadlines and Requirements
Natalie Miller Watch Video
(11 minutes)
SPA & Capital Assets
  • Annual Requirements
  • Surplus Process Changes
  • Mainframe Reports
Stacy Parker Watch Video
(16 minutes)
Interagency Activity: Pass-Through Activities
  • Requirements
  • RTI/ITV Process
  • SPTR Web Application
Michael Hensley Watch Video
(7 minutes)
Interagency Activity: Shared Funds & Due From/Due To
  • Shared Funds
  • Controlling Agency vs. Non-Controlling Agency
Maricela Cayetano Watch Video
(7 minutes)
Part 1 Q&A and Closing Comments Shelly Arnold Watch Video
(5 minutes)

Part 2

Webinar Topic Presenter Video
  • Welcome
  • Overview
Shelly Arnold Watch Video
(3 minutes)
SEFA Updates
  • Data Elements
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Important Dates to Know
Renee Castro Watch Video
(6 minutes)
SAO — Federal Schedules
  • Audit Objective
  • Common SEFA Errors/Findings
  • Recent Updates on Criteria & Requirements
Audrey O’Neill & Christy Srubar Watch Video
(9 minutes)
GR Reconciliation Updates
  • Overview & Introduction
  • Related Reports
  • GR Reconciliation Web Application Processes
Lori Williams Watch Video
(16 minutes)
Unmatched Transfers
  • Overview & Introduction
  • Types of Transfers
  • Correction Tips
Kip Anderson Watch Video
(6 minutes)
CANNS and Note 2 Updates
  • Interagency Transfers
  • Non-Monetary Transaction
Elzbieta (Ela) Jochacy Watch Video
(5 minutes)
DINNSS and Note 3 Updates
  • Timeline
  • GASB Statements
  • DINSS Web Application Updates
David Haecker Watch Video
(9 minutes)
Helpful Tips
  • Review & Correcting Reports Throughout the Year
  • Confirm & Certify Pass-Throughs
Lori Williams Watch Video
(9 minutes)
Q&A and Closing Comments Shelly Arnold Watch Video
(4 minutes)

Q&As Submitted During the 2017 AFR Update Webinar

Or click on the questions below to open each answer individually.

Part 1


Do amounts reported in the MDA have to be to the penny or can they be rounded? [+]

They need to be to the penny.

Part 2


Are agencies required to input FY 2017 information into DRNSS? [+]

Yes, effective fiscal 2017, agencies are required to input information into the DRNSS web application and submit a certification.

Can we load data to web application prior to 9/1 to see if everything loads without errors and then delete everything to reload at a later date? [+]


DINSS and Note 3 Updates

Do TexPool and TexasTERM investments get valued at NAV? [+]

No. The agencies must report at amortized cost, not NAV.

Helpful Tips

How do we get these ad hoc reports? Via email? [+]

Beginning on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 5, these AFR reports are electronically transmitted, on a daily basis, to each agency as part of the agency’s system reports and Ad Hoc reports. Agencies will receive these reports on Sept. 6. These reports are located behind the Ad Hoc reports banner (cover page). No, they are not sent via email — they are sent on the transmission agencies get with the DAFRs.

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