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Reminder — See Dates for Annual Encumbrance Certification and Automated Lapsing

By Oct. 30 each year, state agencies and institutions of higher education must lapse appropriation balances that exceed the level necessary to satisfy any outstanding binding encumbrances and/or payables. Additionally, all agencies must submit the online Annual Certification by Oct. 30. (Sept. 30 is the recommended due date for simplified reporting agencies to lapse appropriation balances and submit annual certifications.)

Each year on Nov. 1, the Comptroller’s office is statutorily required to lapse all unencumbered nonconstruction appropriation balances for all prior appropriation years. To facilitate this, an automatic lapse program will run in USAS as early as the Nov. 1 nightly cycle.

See Encumbrance Report and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) (FPP A.019)  for details.


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Appropriations 45-Day Calendar

10/30/2018   Cost Allocation Entries and Bookkeeping Error Corrections Due
  Budget Documents for Salary Benefit Appropriation Allocations Due
  Full Reporting Agencies Enter PY Encumbrances and Payables into USAS
  All Agencies Must Submit Annual Certification of Encumbrances and Payables
11/19/2018   Benefits Proportional by Method of Finance Reports Due


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