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System Change Tracker: TINS ACRs by ACR Number

[TINS ACRs by Date]

IR 20115

TINS: TINS Test Environment

ACR 60218

TINS: Direct Deposit Cancellations Report

ACR 60159 (Part Two)

TINS: TINS Screen Changes Address Offset Held Warrants

ACR 60159


ACR 60109

TINS: Updated VEX File

ACR 60099

TINS: Vendor Direct Deposit File

ACR 60098

TINS: Inquiry Screen Updates

ACR 60094

TINS: Mail code reactivation process in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS)

ACR 60028

TINS: Warrant Size Change

ACR 60014

TINS: Mid-Day MC Reactivation

ACR 44708

TINS: Masking TINS on Warrant and Stub

ACR 44302

TINS: Mid-day Validation Process

ACR 43829

TINS: ACH File for Healthcare Payments

ACR 43303

TINS: Payee Number Conversion Phase 3

ACR 42862

TINS: Payee Number Conversion Preparation Phase 2

ACR 42480

USAS: Warrant Special Handling

ACR 42272

TINS: Mail Code Security Change

ACR 31166

TINS: Unmask TIN and Hold Bypass

ACR 30676

TINS: Confidential Information Safeguards

ACR 29965

TINS: What Prints on a Warrant

ACR 28415

TINS: IAT Indicator

ACR 25333

TINS: Prenote Period for Direct Deposit

ACR 22220

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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