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[SPA ACRs by ACR Number]

ACR 60149 [06/23/17]

SPA: SPA Surplus Process Change

ACR 44502 [07/25/14]

SPA: Surplus Property via Batch

ACR 41845 [08/27/12]

SPA: New External Agency Transfer Process

ACR 28958 [12/10/10]

SPA: Dates When Adding a Property and Add Prior Fiscal Year Property Screen

ACR 28962 [08/20/10]

SPA: Negative Balance and Multiple Transactions on PAUVAL Screen

ACR 28543 [06/25/10]

SPA: Class Code Changes to Prior Fiscal Year Assets

ACR 28561 [05/14/10]

SPA: Default to No Default Dates

ACR 28480 [03/26/10]

SPA: Validates the Acquisition Method Field

ACR 28220 [03/26/10]

SPA: Prevents Changes to the Historical Cost of an Asset Received in Transfer