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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 10: Special Pays –

HUZU1 – Lump Sum Payments

Screen: HUZU1

Employee must be terminated for at least 30 days and not reemployed by another state agency within that 30-day period. (Exceptions exist for transfers to a legislative agency, to a non-accruing position at a state agency, (requires LOA to add agency to Decode Table 985), or to deceased employee status – no 30-day waiting period required for payment.)

Leave balance must be current if on USPS Leave Accounting.

Step Action
1 Access HUZU1.
2 Enter I in the SUBCOMMAND field.
3 Enter the following fields as required:
Enter a user-defined number to group common transactions for editing and processing. This number identifies the batch of pay transactions. The same number is used in the BATCH NUMBER field on HRSUB to identify, balance, and release the batch.
Enter a new number for each payment.

Note: All employees on the same batch must have the same pay frequency.

Defaults to the employee’s primary position number but may be overridden.
PCA/INDEX (Required)
The P (PCA), I (index) or A (agency defined) followed by a five-digit program cost account or index indicates the primary funding source for this position assignment. Establish the PCA or index in USAS. This field defaults to the primary labor code but may be overridden.

Enter the total hours of accrued annual leave, assuming two decimal places that designate the fraction of an hour (not minutes). For example, enter 67:30 as 06750.

Note: If the number of hours entered is greater than the USPS leave accounting balance, a fatal error message displays. (An amount in excess of the maximum FYTD Accrued hours plus carry forward hours allowed for vacation is also not permitted.) In addition, once HUZU1 is processed, the leave balance is updated in Leave Accounting.


If the employee did not work a full day on the date of termination, enter the hours the employee was short on that day.

Note: This may affect the total payment if the accrued annual leave hours carry into a holiday. For example, an employee terminated on June 30th with 26 hours of annual leave. If the employee worked all day on the 30th, the leave balance carries over to the July 4th holiday. The employee will receive eight hours of holiday pay for July 4th, and will have a balance of two hours that will run out on the 5th. If the employee left at noon on the 30th, the annual leave will run out at 3:00 p.m. on July 3rd, and the employee will not receive credit for the holiday. See Lump-Sum Payment for Accrued Vacation Time in the Comptroller's Payroll Policies and Procedures Guide.

SICK HRS BALANCE (Required only if employee is deceased)

Enter the Total hours of accrued sick leave, assuming two decimal places that designate the fraction of an hour (not minutes). The system calculates the maximum amount payable.

Note: If the USPS Leave Accounting system is used, the SICK HOURS field fills automatically based on the balance on HM8U2.

CHK IND (Required)
0 Combine with other payment, if applicable (default)
3 Separate warrant
The employee’s termination/inactive date.
Half the hours entered in SICK HRS BALANCE field, which can not exceed 336 hours.
0,7 Withhold percentage deductions consistent with the transaction dates and the inferred deduction frequency. Withhold taxes and allow direct deposit. Do not pay automatic special pays except unleveled BRP. Do not withhold fixed amount deductions.
8 Do not withhold deductions. Do not pay automatic special pays except unleveled BRP. Withhold taxes. Do not allow direct deposit. Deduction overrides will not be applied.
9 Do not withhold deductions. Do not pay automatic special pays except unleveled BRP. Withhold taxes and allow direct deposit. Deduction overrides will not be applied.
Updates to Y if termination reason code 069 was used on H0BUS.

Press Enter.

The system highlights an N under the Subcommand line and asks for confirmation. The lower part of the screen displays the allocation of leave, by month, in hours and minutes. This screen also shows the total number of hours and the total dollar amount paid. If the record is correct, change the N to Y and press Enter again to process the transaction.

5 To process the payment, this batch must be balanced and released on HRSUB.

Note: If either of the following situations are encountered on HUZU1, the agency must calculate the lump sum payment and process a batch on HUEU1:

  1. The employee is part-time and the screen projects the lump sum for more than 9 months, or
  2. The employee is in multiple positions (with a combination of hourly and salaried positions).

The system will produce an online fatal message (X267F PROCESS LUMP SUM ON HUEU1) if either of the above two conditions are encountered and will provide help on how to calculate the lump sum.

Note: In the event the employee’s FTE exceeds 1.0, the system will only calculate up to 1.0 (for example, the primary position has an FTE equal to 1 and the secondary position has an FTE of .25).