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Name Publication Number
Accounting Policy Statements --
Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), State of Texas 96-471
Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities, Reporting Requirements for --
CAPPS – Benefits for Texas  PDF 96-1363-3b
CAPPS – ERP in Texas (Report to the Legislature) 96-1363-3
Cash Report, State of Texas Annual 96-368
Dispute Resolution Procedure Concerning the Amount of Interagency Payments --
eXpendit --
Federal Expenditures by State Agency, Summary of --
Fiscal Briefs --
Fiscal Policies and Procedures (FPPs) --
FMXtra Newsletter --
General Appropriations Act --
HB3430 Reporting Requirements – Determining Potential Effects on Small Businesses --
Hold Procedures (see TexPayment Resource) --
HRIS Documentation --
Manual of Accounts, Texas Comptroller --
Overpayment Recovery Audits 96-1242
Post-Payment Audit Reports --
Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling tabs in eXpendit (Formerly the Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling Implementation Guide) --
Reason Code Resources and Classification Salary Schedules --
Report to the Citizens of Texas --
Reports on Use of General Revenue – Dedicated Funds --
Required Reports Prepared by State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education --
State Payee Payment Resources --
SPA Process User’s Guide --
Spotlight --
SPRS Documentation --
Statewide Payroll/Personnel Reports Guide --
Statewise Newsletter --
Summary of Federal Expenditures by State Agency --
System Change Tracker --
Texas Payroll/Personnel Resource (formerly Payroll Policies and Procedures) --
TexPayment Resource (formerly TINS Guide, Hold Procedures and other payment-related FPPs) --
Textravel --
USAS Documentation --
USPS Documentation --