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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

General Revenue Reconciliation

General Introduction
Annual Financial Report Impact

The financial statement impact to legislative appropriations for budgetary T-codes 001 through 043 are automatically generated in USAS when appropriated fund 0001 is involved using the AFR-generated T-code displayed in the AFRTC field shown on the Transaction Code Decision Profile (28A) screen. Please ensure the accuracy of the generated transactions and record adjustments, if necessary.

Do not confuse the generated transactions (T-codes in the 400 and 600 range) with the actual budgetary T-codes 001 through 043 that move or establish budget. When instructed to make AFR adjustments, only use T-codes that post a financial reporting impact to legislative appropriations and do not move or undo any budgetary activity that was posted during the year. The GR Reconciliation web application is populated with cash and budgetary activity, so making these AFR adjustments using T-codes that do not post budget or balance types does not change the GR reconciliation amounts. Instead, the AFR adjustments change the amounts on the operating statement and/or balance sheet.

An adjustment is required at fiscal year-end for the net change in cash (T-code 463). The amount adjusted with T-code 463 typically represents the legislative appropriations spent. For more information about this adjustment, see the Amount as Adjusted – Column M, Net Change in Cash, lines 600200, 600300, 600400 & 600500 section of Steps to Reconcile, Step 7 – Reconcile and Verify Data. Payroll-related costs may also require manual adjustments. However, manual adjustments are not necessary if excess budget for OASI, BRP, etc., is returned prior to the USAS AFR reconciliation and backdated to the appropriate fiscal year. The return of the excess budget with the appropriate budgetary T-codes generates transactions that reduce legislative revenue so it equals expenditures — as it should. The generated COBJs used to record AFR transactions are in the range of 9400 through 9599.

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